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Attorney-Client Relationship

The information provided by the Law Office of Kelly L. King on this website, any social media forums or during free consultations does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Until you have signed a fee agreement with this firm, we do not represent you, and you cannot rely on information that we provide as legal advice. 

Every case is different, and for legal advice, you should speak with an attorney.  If you seek to rely on legal advice, you should hire an attorney.  We are, therefore, not liable for any harm or losses resulting from your reliance on information provided by this firm unless we have agreed to represent you and you have hired us.  

Discussion of Prior Results

From time to time, we may discuss prior results.  To be clear, nothing in those discussions is intended to guarantee future outcomes.  Every case is different, and every person is different.  For us to advise you on what we expect in your case, you must hire us.  We will then fully evaluate your circumstances and provide our view based on that in depth analysis.  Even then, we will never guarantee an outcome in any particular case.   

Attorney Advertising

While we do not intend for any of our information to be advertising, it may constitute such by law.  Given that, we are affirmatively advising you that any information you learn through any of our online forums are just that - advertising. 

Ultimately, hiring an attorney is a difficult, intimate decision.  You are free to choose to hire us, hire someone else, or not hire an attorney at all.  Our recommendation is to research the attorney you are seeking to hire and have a consultation with that attorney.  However, you are not required to do so.   We hope that you obtain the best outcome in your circumstances regardless of who you choose to hire or if you choose to tackle the problem yourself.  We wish you the best outcome possible in your matter.

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